Imagine medieval monks channeling King Crimson... a downright uplifting mix of ancient chants and modern prog rock.” - Rene Guzman

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Bio - Short version

Once upon a time, a friend of a friend invited me to play keyboards in his country band. I had no experience (classically trained) nor love of country music, but I agreed. They paid me to have fun.

I didn't even know that was possible. Every paying gig I'd had up to that point was low wage, low skill, manual labor.

It was then I knew music was my future.

While searching for a new sound, this idea came to me: combine ancient with modern to create a serene, yet pummeling sound. I take Gregorian chant-style vocals and support it with progressive rock energy/instrumentation, and presto, Gregorian Rock!

I play keyboards, electronic wind instrument, Chapman Stick, and sing. You will hear the influence of my classical background, with hints of Neal Morse, Iona, Frost, and 70s prog.

Atmosphere is the newest album from the band. Features the guest talents of world renowned musicians Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, & Grammy-nominated Phil Keaggy.

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