Gregorian Rock combines ancient with modern, creating a serene yet pummeling sound.

Bio, long version 

My musical story can be told in four epiphanies. 

The first occurred while I was in high school, and the jazz band played a piece in which I played two synthesizers at once. Afterward, my Dad told me that while he was watching this he wanted to stand up and say “That’s my boy!” Making our fathers proud is a deep-seated part of the human psyche. Looking back, I believe this moment had a bigger impact on me than I perceived at that time. 

The next epiphany happened while I was at home between college semesters one summer. I was recruited to play piano in a country band. I didn’t know country music, didn’t like country music, but they paid me to have fun. I didn’t know that was even possible. Every other job I’d had up to that point was low-skill, low-wage, manual labor. I wondered how fun would it be to play music I liked… 

Many years later, when I first got the idea for Gregorian Rock, the prospect of recording an album was daunting, to say the least. I couldn’t think of a way to make it happen. Then a friend of mine suggested running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds. In 2013 my first Kickstarter met it’s goal and the debut album of Gregorian Rock was produced! Amazing. 

The fourth major event was when I got some validation from one of my musical heroes, Phil Keaggy (Grammy-nominated, legendary guitarist). He played on three of the songs on my third album, “FIRE”. It is a long and twisting story of how this happened, but I will summarize here by saying WOOHOO! Phil played some of my music and he really enjoyed it! Phil has since played on my Christmas album and on "atmosphere".

Although keyboards are my main instruments, I also play a WX7 midi wind controller (an electronic wind instrument - EWI) and Chapman Stick. The Stick is an electric 10-stringed instrument you might have seen in Peter Gabriel's band, or in King Crimson played by Tony Levin, who joins Phil Keaggy on my newest album "Atmosphere".

Some of my favorite artists: 

Neal Morse nealmorse.com 
Frost frost.life
Iona iona.uk.com

Atmosphere Band Personnel