The old drill

This drill is 20 yrs old. My friends gave it to me at our dinner celebration of my then imminent nuptials. It was the best wedding gift I received. A couple years ago I spent more money than it was worth on new batteries and a charger.

That kept it functional for a while, but it has now finally expired.

Farewell cordless drill! You served me (and this family) well.

A Sample Still from “Consuming Fire” Video Production

Well, not exactly a sample still. But this is a still image, as opposed to a video, to show how I plan to transform the video shot in front of a DIY greenscreen. The actor (me) tries hard to sync with the music on an unfamiliar instrument, then that video is composited into the virtual set.

There’s a section of “Consuming Fire” where a string section plays, and Phil Keaggy does a little solo over it. During that moment in the song, I hope to show some string players doing their part. My son & daughter both actually played strings on the recording. If all goes according to plan, they will also appear in the video.

Before and after compositing.

Did you know my first two albums are on Pandora?

If you enjoy Pandora, why not make a Gregorian Rock channel? Curiously, to find me on Pandora, you have to search for me by using my full nameRoland Dale Benedict“. Once you do that, my first two albums will be available in your programming.
Album cover for Gregorian Rock 2

For the songs on the new album, “Fire”, the process of getting those tracks onto Pandora is just beginning. I will let you know when they go live!

Pandora Logo

TWO new songs this month!

TWO new songs are out!

“Unwelcome Goodbye” is a sad song about the death of my parents. Both of them were on hospice while I was writing the music for this album. It was a hard time, and this song captures some of what I felt. Honestly, I wasn’t sure about whether or not to even include it on the album. Musically it turned out beautifully, it’s message is true, and the whole thing was cathartic for me. So here it is.

“Fire from Heaven”, despite the ominous title, has a more whimsical sound. It is written in 11/8 (which is an odd time signature for you non-musicians). However, my drummer, Paul Garretson,  played it in such a way that you can hardly tell anything odd is happening. Vinnie Moreno, the newest member of the virtual band, plays a ripping guitar solo at the very end, over some mighty pipe organ. You will love it!

Buy them & write a review!

Unwelcome Goodby & Fire from Heaven