Phil has been talking about Gregorian Rock

I’m a member of the group on Facebook, “Phil Keaggy Fan Page”. If you aren’t, you should. Lots of updates on recent concerts, posting of decades-old video performances, and other neat stuff.

One member from North Carolina was somehow connected to the venue where Phil performed recently (Nov 26). This guy helped prepare the room, and got to watch as Phil did a sound check. Here’s how he described it:

“Came back @ 5pm to enjoy Soundcheck. Phil did a bit of “World of Mine” (1993/Crimson & Blue) which he did NOT play later during the show. Then Phil invited some friends to go backstage and visit with him and his wife Bernadette and my photographer friend Fred and I followed them. It was a sweet, memorable but casual time of fellowship in which Phil shared old photos and also excerpts from more recent studio projects with a really cool sounding guy Gregorian Rock and Johnny Cash’s sister.”

Phil is talking about Gregorian Rock.

Replay of the worldwide debut of “Consuming Fire”

Did you miss the UK radio show last night when the first single from the album made it’s worldwide debut? No problem! You can listen to the whole show at the link below. Scroll to “Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 32” and click play for the entire two hour show, or once it loads you can push the playhead to 1:51:40 where Shaun Geraghty introduces “Consuming Fire”.


Working on the mixes… sounding GREAT!

Because the songs will be released one at a time, rather than all at once, it makes the mixing process much more relaxed. Each song is being sculpted into it’s final form over a period of days. My virtual bandmate, Jay Pilkington, is being a great help as a second set of ears as I mix. He is also performing the “mastering” process, which is the final polish applied before a song is released.

Jay Pilkington, great friend who also happens to play amazing guitar.
Jay Pilkington, great friend who also happens to play amazing guitar.