Phil Keaggy in my music video

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. We drove to Tennessee for a family reunion last month, which was wonderful.

Then we stayed an extra day to visit Phil and shoot the video for his parts in the music video for Consuming Fire.

The story behind this is an amazing one. I went from hoping he would play on one song, then thinking it wasn’t going to happen. Then he wound up playing on THREE songs, and I spent an afternoon with him shooting a music video. Amazing.

Video editing software screenshot w Phil

The Expanded Flock

Last winter our two older birds took an unauthorized vacation from their job of laying eggs. When the days get shorter, the reduction in light has an effect on egg production. Don’t ask me why.

So I decided we needed some more chickens, so we’ll still get a an egg or two when their normal production level falls off.

Welcome Tika and Masala! If you like Indian food, you’ll understand the joke.

They are still pullets, so they won’t start laying until later in the fall.

Tika and Masala


Really looking forward to our trip later in July to spend a weekend with my three brothers and their wives. We haven’t all been together for a couple of years.  A while ago we drove to AZ for a visit with eldest brother, and another LONGER drive to GA to visit younger brother. But we haven’t been to TN in a long time.

It’s going to be great!

The old drill

This drill is 20 yrs old. My friends gave it to me at our dinner celebration of my then imminent nuptials. It was the best wedding gift I received. A couple years ago I spent more money than it was worth on new batteries and a charger.

That kept it functional for a while, but it has now finally expired.

Farewell cordless drill! You served me (and this family) well.